Our Team

We’re passionate about our work.

Our team includes the best of the best: talented communicators who excel in their fields and are passionate about bringing health information to the people who need it. Our collaborative approach fuels creativity, integrates our diverse skills and expertise, and produces real results.


A picture of Beth Maloney

Beth Maloney


Beth blends Oklahoma roots and lessons from Internet start-ups to create a culture of hospitality and collegiality. She enjoys giving back by serving on the Board of The Children’s Inn at NIH.

A picture of Amy Ewing

Amy Ewing

Vice President & Chief Strategist

Amy brings her passion for health communications to every project she touches. Her regular yoga practice helps her meet new challenges with focus and equanimity.

A picture of Amber Boehm

Amber Boehm, PhD

Director of Editorial Services

Amber has pulled off a career transformation: from cell and molecular biologist to editorial leader. She loves conveying how bench and clinical research reveal pieces of the human puzzle.

A picture of Emily Dammeyer

Emily Dammeyer

Director of Digital Strategy

Emily is happiest in water. Pools, lakes, oceans—she loves them all. At work, she fluidly handles all aspects of leading Palladian’s digital approach.

A picture of Andrea Evans

Andrea Evans, MS, SPHR

Director of Employee Experience

Andrea loves traveling solo, but she’s at her best when guiding others toward productive, engaging work lives. Trained in hospitality, she brings positive vibes to Palladian as director of employee experience.

A picture of Hemi Lee-Gallagher

Hemi Lee-Gallagher, CPA

Vice President, Finance & Contracts Administration

Whether counting teaspoons for baking or reps at the gym, Hemi Lee-Gallagher uses her head for numbers, especially when overseeing contracts and assessing financial performance at Palladian.

A picture of Erin Turner

Erin Turner

Director of Strategic Communications

Erin has a lot of enthusiasm—for domestic pursuits like knitting and canning, for all things Disney, and for using strategic communication to help people improve their lives.

A picture of Maria Young

Maria Young, CMP, CMM

Director of Conference Services

Maria leads our conference services team with patience, attention to detail, diplomacy—and a great sense of humor. Her interests include new recipes and music from the 80s and 90s.


A picture of Sarah Acs

Sarah Acs

Sarah has worked on campaigns to market everything from clothing to desserts, but she keeps coming back to health. She loves when people learn something new from her work.

A picture of Anna Adams

Anna Adams, MPH, MSW, PMP

A part-time job at a women’s health clinic got Anna interested in studying health. Later, she discovered project management; now, she brings those together on our Digital Strategy team.

A picture of Faduma Aden

Faduma Aden

Faduma is passionate about change—through increasing cultural competence, fighting health disparities, and making public health issues digestible for all. Her go-to for lighter fare? YouTube hairdo tutorials.

A picture of Ashrifia Adomako-Ankomah

Ashrifia Adomako-Ankomah, PhD

Ashrifia’s science writing career is inspired by a simple principle: that science, especially biology, is really interesting. She even writes for science blogs in her free time.

A picture of Aisha Agily

Aisha Agily

Educated in London and Cairo, taught to drive in South Africa, and formerly employed by the World Bank, this senior communications associate is now seeking Italian citizenship, which follows nicely. [seems apt]

A picture of David Arbor

David Arbor

The first time he saw “Star Wars,” David knew what to do with his life: produce video. He produces all kinds of videos and especially loves animating our graphic designers’ work.

A picture of Corinne Baker

Corinne Baker, MBA

Passionate about organizing and design, Corinne puts her whole heart into building beautiful digital content for NIMHD and beautiful DIY content for her home. Theater is another of her passions.

A picture of Darcy Barton

Darcy Barton

Darcy’s interest in developing mobile apps helps feed her responsive, audience-focused approach to web design and development. Her work crackles with energy and enthusiasm and delights Palladian’s digital clients.

A picture of Mary Beckman

Mary Beckman, PhD

Her mom always said Mary was going to be a writer. But Mary didn’t believe her, so she got two degrees in biology before finding her way to science writing.

A picture of Rae Benedetto

Rae Benedetto

Rae specializes in making documents accessible for people with disabilities. In her free time, she enjoys various outdoor pursuits: gardening, visiting other people’s gardens, and pondering the existence of Bigfoot.

A picture of Maureen Berg

Maureen Berg

Maureen has a keen eye for the visual. A designer during the week and a photographer on the weekends, she imbues each of her projects with personal flair.

A picture of Steve Boehm

Steve Boehm

In his free time, Steve sings sea chanteys and other nautical songs. At work, he’s in tune with colleagues, coordinating Section 508 compliance and production of publications and web content.

A picture Erin Boring

Erin Boring

Erin’s digital communications, public relations, and social media skills help Palladian’s clients navigate the world’s streams of information—when she’s not navigating rivers in a kayak.

A picture of Kevin Brooks

Kevin Brooks

With a production management background and unbeatable fix-it skills, Kevin keeps our printers and computers humming. He’s passionate about technology, problem-solving, and the Dallas Cowboys.

A picture of Marielle Campbell

Marielle Campbell, SHRM-CP

Marielle is a big “I Love Lucy” fan, but not to worry—this HR generalist’s understanding of the workplace stretches beyond how to manage an assembly line at a candy factory.

A picture of Jessica Clark

Jessica Clark, CGMP

Jessica is a master at juggling multiple tasks. She uses this skill overseeing and coordinating countless meetings for clients at NIH.

A picture of Nancy Cours

Nancy Cours, MA

Nancy’s a pro at digital communications, managing online content that pleases both clients and users. She also loves a less modern mode of communication: sending and receiving handwritten letters.

A picture of Sarah Dalton

Sarah Dalton

Sarah loves people—she considered a career in social work—and puzzles. So it’s pretty much perfect that she’s on Palladian’s traffic team, keeping our work flowing.

A picture of Ida Donner

Ida Donner, CMP

Ida loves meeting new people, taking on interesting challenges, and playing the banjo. She gets to do two of these three activities in her work as a meeting planner.

A picture of Karen Eddleman

Karen Eddleman

Karen excels at writing that bridges the gap between the scientific and lay communities. Formerly a microbiology and parasitology researcher, her current biology practice is in Italian cooking and beekeeping.

A picture of Tess Feldhausen

Tess Feldhausen, MA

Tess fell in love with health and medicine around the dinner table in a family of doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. She channels her enthusiasm into writing about science and health for consumers.

A picture of Helen Fields

Helen Fields, MS

A talented and versatile science writer, Helen writes everything from tweets to feature stories to meeting minutes. She’s been to six continents; please contact us about writing needs in Antarctica.

A picture of Kathy Foltin

Kathy Foltin, MA

Kathy has done yoga on horseback, so balancing work for our many clients is no big deal for her. An experienced art director, she loves using her skills for the public good.

A picture of Laura Foree

Laura Foree, MPH

Laura uses her background in health marketing to help clients promote issue awareness and drive behavior change. A seasoned world traveler, she is ready for assignments anywhere.

A picture of Elaine Garber

Elaine Garber, MFA

Elaine edits and coordinates books, newsletters, reports, and other publications at Palladian. With an MFA in creative writing, she knows how to spin a yarn—and she knits, too.

A picture of Stephen Gilberg

Stephen Gilberg

Steve is an avid movie-goer and reviewer. At work, he turns his critical eye to copy editing, Section 508 compliance, and other tasks that ensure high-quality written materials.

A picture of Ann Rose Greenberg

Ann Rose Greenberg

History buff Ann Rose treasures her 19th-century map of Massachusetts. At work, she maps a path to a healthier future with skills in user experience, content strategy, and marketing.

A picture of Daniel Greenstein

Daniel Greenstein

Got a question? Ask Daniel. He competed in trivia championships in high school, college, and beyond. He uses that encyclopedic knowledge in his work as a copy editor and coordinator.

A picture of Cate Hagman

Cate Hagman

When she worked at a wire service, Cate transcribed remarks by everyone from policy wonks to the Pope. Now she makes sure our products too are clean, clear, and accurate.

A picture of Sara Harris

Sara Harris, M.P.S., M.A., MWC

Sara practices taiko, a Japanese drumming style that uses the whole body to make music. At work, she makes words sing, conveying technical content in a clear, accessible way.

A picture of Mark Hewitt

Mark Hewitt, MA

Outside of work, Mark is a dedicated, published, and bearded fiction writer. This serves Palladian well as Mark turns his skills to editing, proofreading, and fact-checking for our clients.

A picture of Jennifer Holland

Jennifer Holland, M.S.

Science writing has taken Jenny to Fiji, the Arctic…and the New York Times Best Seller list. She loves all animals, even spiders, and has 30-plus geckos in her basement.

A picture of Roseline Hooks

Roseline Hooks, M.A.

Rose’s teamwork skills go way back—she played volleyball as a teen. She’s passionate about women’s health and fitness and has supported campaigns on everything from smoking to sepsis.

A picture of Kate Horowitz

Kate Horowitz, MA

Kate loves explaining things and has been talking—and writing—nonstop since childhood. In addition to writing about science and health, she writes poetry and has a formidable sticker collection.

A picture of Tamirra Johnson

Tamirra Johnson, CHES

Tamirra loves sharing what she’s learned, whether that’s health information or one of her many skills: guitar, piano, cello, knitting, embroidery, crochet, sewing, photography, glass painting, graphic design…

A picture of Jo Anne Kenney

Jo Anne Kenney

From facilities and production management to purchasing, Jo Anne keeps Palladian running. Outside the office, she swims and skis, draws and paints, and passionately defends animal rights.

A picture of Anna Kern

Anna Kern, MA

Anna uses social media to reach out to individuals and nudge them to change their health behaviors. When she’s not working, she reaches out to far-flung individuals through world travel.

A picture of Saara Khadir

Saara Khadir, MPH

Saara loves travel and planning vacations, especially beach vacations. As a project manager with a passion for public health, she reminds you to use sunscreen and stay in the shade.

A picture of Michael King

Michael King

Though directionally challenged, Michael can steer a client to the perfect communications message—or to the best D.C. art galleries and gastropubs. Plus, he’s licensed to sell you a house.

A picture of Emily Krebbs

Emily Krebbs, MA

Emily’s love for absurdist drama and live theater feeds the infectious enthusiasm she brings to directing several of Palladian’s largest communications support contracts.

A picture of Rochelle Ku

Rochelle Ku, MS

As a biology student, Rochelle saw first-hand the difficulties of communicating science. Now she works as a production artist, combining her visual skills with her love of life sciences.

A picture of Sheran Law

Sheran Law, PhD

Sheran’s biomedical expertise is impressive, and her enthusiasm for science is contagious. On the weekends, she shares her love of the natural world with her young daughter.

A picture of Drew Lemerise

Drew Lemerise, MLIS

As a web project coordinator, Drew brings creativity, organization, and digital skills to the job. A Massachusetts native, he loves the New England Patriots and the cold.

A picture of Danny Lopes

Danny Lopes, MS

Danny says web developers are the heroes behind the scenes, programming websites that people use every day—sort of like Batman. Unlike Batman, Danny is also a big soccer fan.

A picture of Erin McMahon

Erin McMahon

Years ago, Erin led backstage tours at Disney World. Now she enjoys creating delightful experiences for others as a content strategist. (Plot twist: She also loves dystopian novels.)

A picture of Amber Mosher

Amber Mosher, MPH, RD

Amber is a registered dietitian with a Master of Public Health in nutrition and a healthy love for bacon. She enjoys digesting complex nutrition concepts into information anyone can understand.

A picture of Valentine Neira

Valentine Neira, CGMP

Valentine is flexible and good with details—traits that help her produce seamless meetings for our clients. She also helps improve the public’s health by exercising with friends and neighbors.

A picture of Rachel Pepling

Rachel Pepling, MA

With degrees in wildlife ecology and science writing, plus lots of experience in digital project management, Rachel is ready to wrangle both your content and your squirrels.

A picture of Kate Perch

Kate Perch, MS

Kate uses social media to convey complex information in an entertaining way, helping people take charge of their health. She enjoys combining fun and health with volleyball, hiking, and cycling.

A picture of Heidi Phelon

Heidi Phelon

As a vegan (plus eggs) who loves outdoor activities, Heidi makes her own health a priority, so focusing on nutrition and heart disease and stroke prevention at Palladian feels just right.

A picture of Lauren Plowman

Lauren Plowman, MPH

Lauren loves exploring. Whether she’s out hiking with her husband and pup or deep in the spreadsheets of our clients’ data, she’s finding all the interesting stories.

A picture of Joan Quigley

Joan Quigley, JD, MS

Joan enjoys solving problems, meeting deadlines, and working with writers. She’s detail oriented and notes that her name contains all of the vowels, including Y.

A picture of Sheryl Rhoads

Sheryl Rhoads

Some of Sheryl’s loves: her daughters, her husband, reading, wedding cake, and developing strategies to provide trustworthy online health content that is easy to find, understand, and use.

A picture of Kisha Rose

Kisha Rose

Kisha enjoys the challenge of keeping up with changes to various desktop publishing software packages. At home, her husband, kids, and mischievous Yorkshire terrier keep her on her toes.

A picture of Diana Rubin

Diana Rubin, MA

Diana won her middle school spelling bee. She’s still keeping on top of spelling errors today—and the fast-changing pace of the digital world.

A picture of Amy Schneider

Amy Schneider

Amy works as a project coordinator and editor, keeping Palladian’s writers busy and keeping their writing clear. In her free time, she plays clarinet in a community band.

A picture of Salaeha Shariff

Salaeha Shariff, M.S.

Salaeha works hard to have a positive impact on the world, through her close collaborations with clients; her time with family, friends, and community—and her cooking and baking skills.

A picture of Chris Sheppard

Chris Sheppard, MPS

Chris is a big Doctor Who fan, but there’s no Tardis to help her coordinate our editorial projects. Good thing she’s also a big fan of writing, organizing, and learning.

A picture of Claire Simon

Claire Simon

Though she’s watched the entire “Grey’s Anatomy” series four times, Claire knows fact from fiction when managing public health outreach campaigns. Her passion for helping others includes non-human animals, too.

A picture of Alexandra Simpson

Alexandra Simpson, CMP.

Alex loves meeting new people and getting creative with events, which means she’s right at home on our conference team. She’s also at home on horseback.

A picture of Haley Spencer

Haley Spencer

A college class on gender and international development got Haley interested in public health. She likes thinking about how to make our work more inclusive and accessible to diverse populations.

A picture of Kelsey Sugrue

Kelsey Sugrue, PhD

Kelsey always knew she wanted to study biology, but she was good at writing, too. In grad school, she realized she could combine the two; now she’s a science writer.

A picture of Carly Sullivan

Carly Sullivan

Carly assists with the ins and outs of planning events for many clients. When she’s not in meetings, she’s often outside with her German shepherd.

A picture of Catherine Traynor

Catherine Traynor

After college, Catherine spent six months teaching English in rural France. Her work here at Palladian involves fewer baguettes with cheese and more creative communication of health information.

A picture of Isabel Turi

Isabel Turi

Isabel can’t whistle or snap, but she can use her passions for health, writing, and helping others to communicate about scary and stressful health issues in a clear, gentle way.

A picture of Nicole Vincent

Nicole Vincent, MA

In strategic health communications, Nicole has found her niche: a place where she can think creatively to come up with new and better ways to share knowledge about health.

A picture of Amanda Vithidkul

Amanda Vithidkul, MPH

Health information can be complex and confusing. In her master’s program, Amanda fell in love with figuring out how to disseminate this information in a more understandable and accessible way.

A picture of Rob Wald

Rob Wald, MA

Senior Advisor

Rob believes in the power of collaboration—working to each person’s strengths to find the best solutions. He is also a big fan of coffee, biking, beer, barbecue, and pie.

A picture of Jing Wang

Jing Wang

Jing studied chemical engineering in college…until a new major was created in computer gaming. Now he works as a web developer, exploring and creating our digital world.

A picture of Alaina Willing

Alaina Willing, MA

Alaina has encountered five black bears in two national parks. Fortunately, they haven’t followed her to the office, where she helps people encounter the health information they need.

A picture of Michelle Zahler

Michelle Zahler

The other kids started asking Michelle to proofread their papers in middle school. When she’s not sniffing out errors at Palladian, she’s practicing Krav Maga or volunteering to help animals.

A picture of Laura Zeifang

Laura Zeifang

Laura uses her background in new media communications and strategic planning to support many of our projects. Outside of work she enjoys ballet and acting.

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