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All of Us Research Program

Provide strategic, technical, logistical, administrative, and communications services to the National Institutes of Health’s ambitious All of Us Research Program.


The All of Us Research Program


Help the All of Us Research Program plan, implement, and evaluate its wide-ranging communications and outreach efforts as it recruits and gathers data from 1 million or more people to accelerate health research and medical breakthroughs. The program’s mission is to allow researchers to develop individualized prevention, treatment, and health care for all of us.

Palladian Approach

Palladian has supported the All of Us Research Program (originally called NIH’s Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort Program) since its inception in 2015. We played a key role in the early development of the program’s messaging and materials, which needed to convey the promise of individualized prevention, treatment, and care offered by taking into account individual differences in lifestyle, environment, and biology. Since 2016, we have supported a broad spectrum of communications, outreach, orchestration, and logistics support to help shape, launch, and sustain the All of Us Research Program.

While many activities are involved in supporting the program, Palladian’s role is to ensure that All of Us is a hub of real-time information sharing for partners and program planners, as well as enrolled participants, in this broad nationwide effort. Several key focus areas led by Palladian support that goal:

  • An intra-consortium website, which serves the critical operational functions of document sharing, information exchange, milestone tracking, and project collaboration across the All of Us Research Program’s 1,600-member consortium.
  • The All of Us Research Program website. We collaborate to improve the site’s findability and functionality, including adding metadata to enhance SEO, improving Section 508 compliance, and improving the CMS and page template options to make the website easier to update so the All of Us Research Program can be more nimble in providing up-to-date content.
  • Logistics and communication support for a wide range of virtual meetings, including those of working groups, task forces, and the Steering and Executive Committees.
  • Planning and logistics for in-person events, including venue selection, travel arrangements, webcasting, facilitation, onsite and promotional materials, onsite staffing and registration, VIP management, and photography.
  • Detailed guidance and process coordination to review and update all participant-facing materials and internal knowledge-base content to harmonize language across the program leading up to the national launch in May 2018.

Palladian has provided logistical and communication support for more than 30 meetings for the All of Us Research Program, including IRB, All of Us Advisory Panel, and triennial consortium-wide meetings. In addition, Palladian provides support for dozens of specialized meetings every month, including those for the coordination of the national launch events. We provided support to the seven launch sites across the country simultaneously.


In March 2018, Palladian provided strategic and logistical support for a Research Priorities Workshop, which worked to identify key research priorities that will capitalize on the All of Us Research Program’s data and help ensure optimal value for advancing precision medicine. Workshop attendees used crowdsourced research concepts to create additional research questions and refine common data elements. In total, the workshop developed more than 1,000 use cases and 3,500 unique data elements. More than 400 people attended the workshop. Information on the workshop, including a final report, can be found here:

For the website, Palladian’s digital strategy team helped boost the click-through rate from a popular page on to the program’s registration site by 50 percent after identifying opportunities to add new calls to action. Views of critical Data Privacy and Security content increased by 60 percentafter content was converted from PDFs to HTML.

Palladian has provided ongoing technology services, ranging from Web and software development to security testing and compliance. Prior to the program’s launch, we recommended and engineered the migration of from a dedicated hosting environment to a FedRAMP-certified and FISMA-compliant cloud hosting solution. In addition to handling ongoing maintenance and administration for that site, Palladian facilitated the vetting and selection process for a “bug bounty” security testing vendor, enabling the program to improve the cybersecurity posture of several of its mission-critical Web-based components. As new program needs have emerged, we have identified and implemented numerous technology-based solutions, including developing and integrating software that automates routine, time-consuming tasks for program staff.


  • Administrative support
  • Conference services
  • Content development
  • Cybersecurity testing and compliance
  • Editorial support and planning
  • Management and operational support
  • Partner engagement and outreach
  • Section 508 compliance
  • Software development and testing
  • Strategic planning
  • Usability testing
  • Website content maintenance and strategy
  • Website design and usability testing
  • Website hosting and administration
  • Writing support

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