Child Health and Human Development

Devise and implement a communications strategy that evolves to serve a shifting portfolio of health topics, audiences, and channels.

Eight info cards created for NICHD on early childhood learning

NICHD Infographics

NICHD Zika Infographic and Social Media Promotion

NICHD “Mom’s Mental Health Matters” Infocards

NICHD “What is Clinical Research?” Video


The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)


Create unified, forward-thinking messaging and communications materials for an Institute whose broad research portfolio covers the entire human lifespan.

Palladian Approach

Since 2011, Palladian has supported NICHD’s mission to promote research on all facets of human development. Our focus is on creating engaging content, including consumer health information on more than 80 topics as well as videos highlighting the Institute’s innovative research.

With content as our foundation, we created a social media outreach strategy based on audience behavior profiles and Institute goals. We also developed an editorial calendar to promote topics from NICHD’s extensive portfolio. By carefully tracking and analyzing metrics, we have helped NICHD pinpoint opportunities for increased engagement and areas for continued improvement and evolution.

We have expanded our support to include strategic planning and outreach for NICHD’s public health education initiatives and clinical trial recruitment, including:


Since 2013, visits to the NICHD website have grown nearly eightfold, from 164,000 visits per month to 1.3 million per month. One hallmark of the Institute’s communications success over the years has been the growth in activities and engagement on social media, including Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

  • NICHD’s following has grown from 5,000 on one platform in 2013, to more than 45,000 on five platforms.
  • Live social media events such as the #PregnancyCardioHealth Twitter chat and a Reddit AMA about Zika virus sparked meaningful dialogues with researchers and garnered tens of millions of impressions.
  • #SafeSleepSnap united more than 350 organizations to share safe infant sleep images for SIDS Awareness Month.


  • Strategic communications planning
  • Social media planning, outreach, and analysis
  • Media monitoring and outreach
  • Materials design and content development
  • Website content strategy, design, and usability testing
  • Campaign development and implementation
  • Institute and initiative branding


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