The Division of Diabetes Translation (DDT) within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Develop strategies for attracting diverse audiences through (1) positive, action-oriented messages to influence health behavior; (2) creative visual assets; (3) paid promotion; and (4) engaging discussions. Support CDC DDT’s efforts to disseminate evidence-based information on diabetes prevention and management, increase healthy behaviors, and lower the risk of diabetes and associated complications.

Palladian Approach

Since 2015, Palladian Partners, Inc., has worked with CDC DDT to better understand and reach its target audiences. Leveraging the CDC digital channels on Facebook and Twitter, branded “CDC Diabetes,” our team has cultivated a meaningful body of insights that help us reach target audiences through unique messaging, shareable content, and culturally relevant multimedia products.

Palladian’s portfolio of creative products and targeted campaigns for CDC Diabetes includes:

  • Award-winning social graphics
  • Live action video and animated GIFs
  • Infocards, infographics, and iconography
  • Medscape, Facebook, and Twitter advertisements
  • Facebook and Twitter follower acquisition campaigns

Palladian supports its efforts with evidence-based strategies and plans, including a comprehensive social media strategy, detailed editorial plan, and annual media buying recommendations. Our focus on audience preferences and engagement behaviors helps us optimize digital content and materials for different platforms.


The CDC Diabetes digital presence now has 23,000 Facebook followers from more than 40 countries, with content reaching tens of thousands of people each month. Palladian has helped expand the CDC Diabetes Twitter audience to 6,000 followers in slightly more than a year, with each Tweet generating thousands of impressions. Our paid tactics have driven substantial increases in audience reach, impressions, and engagement; for example, a paid campaign had nearly 300,000 video views in just two months. Our paid social media promotion produces as many as 2,000 audience engagements – such as likes, comments, clicks, or shares – per post.


  • Audience research and persona development
  • Social media strategy and content development
  • Paid content promotion and advertising campaigns
  • Social media account management, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Graphics and materials development
  • Video editing and production
  • Partnership and influencer account engagement
  • Spanish translation
  • Section 508 compliance


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