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Coordinate Communications and Marketing Approach for GetWellNetwork’s VA Clients and Decision Makers


Develop a coordinated communications strategy and marketing plan to engage with U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) clients and decision makers about bedside implementation of interactive patient care.

Palladian Approach

When the contract began in late 2014, Palladian hit the ground running. Palladian conducted interviews with some of the GetWellNetwork staff, partners, and clients, gathering insights about key audiences and tactical communication needs. We then synthesized the information into brief profiles of key audiences, including knowledge, attitudes, barriers, and communication needs.

Using these insights, Palladian developed an overarching communication strategy for supporting greater awareness of GetWellNetwork’s Interactive Patient Care solution among potential clients and greater implementation among existing clients.

The Strategy

  • prioritized key audiences and decision makers at the VA and specified tailored messages and targeted approaches to support greater awareness and action for each
  • identified current marketing resources and materials, VA communication vehicles, and other tools needed
  • provided comprehensive and turnkey tactical approaches for GetWellNetwork staff and partners to implement

As the plan was still being finalized, Veterans Day was fast approaching. This provided a not-to-be-missed opportunity to begin outreach activities for the occasion. Palladian strategically conceptualized and developed a 2014 Veterans Day social media toolkit that was distributed widely among VA networks.


We developed a comprehensive, coordinated communication and marketing plan in support of the integration of the GetWellNetwork across VA medical centers.



  • Audience Research
  • Strategic Communication Planning
  • Strategic Partnership Building
  • Materials Development

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