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Million Hearts® Social Media

Develop and Deploy a New Social Media Strategy for the Million Hearts® Initiative that Engages Current Audiences and Reaches New Ones


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Million Hearts® initiative is co-led by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and is under the umbrella of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).


Develop and deploy new, engaging social media content to reach and educate current and new audiences about the Million Hearts® initiative and help prevent heart disease, stroke, and their risk factors.

Palladian Approach

Since managing the strategic announcement of HHS’s Million Hearts® initiative and establishing the initiative’s social media channels, in 2015 Palladian developed a new social media strategy for the Million Hearts® Facebook and Twitter platforms and beyond. These channels, which grew to have more than 55,000 Facebook fans and more than 7,000 Twitter followers in their first 12 months, needed a fresh strategy for engaging current audiences and reaching new ones.

To meet this objective, we have expanded Million Hearts® social media content and activities around key areas, including nutrition, women’s health, and stroke. We developed a detailed editorial calendar with strategically planned web, social, and online media activities for each month, based on a particular heart health–related theme or event, message focus, and specific targeted audiences.

Following our editorial calendar, we

  • create timely social media content that promotes heart-healthy habits and cardiovascular disease prevention
  • develop infographics, social cards, and other shareable multimedia products
  • implement online advertising campaigns
  • host engaging Twitter chats with consumers and professionals
  • collaborate with partners and social influencers to disseminate messages and expand reach
  • monitor data and create informative evaluation reports


Having developed and implemented a detailed Million Hearts® editorial calendar, we ensure a thoughtful, organized approach to our social media strategy that promotes audience engagement, partnerships, and sharing of Million Hearts®–related messages, infographics, and other influential materials. Our strategy is designed to educate consumers and providers and increase patient engagement with health professionals about cardiovascular diseases, risks, and prevention, ultimately decreasing the number of preventable heart attacks and strokes.



    • Audience Research
    • Message Development
    • Social Media Content Development
    • Social Media Planning, Outreach, and Monitoring
    • Strategic Content Development

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